March 8, 2019

Most recently we went to Marketing Week Live, an annual event aimed at marketers and those interested in design. We had a great time, talking to other like-minded people, hearing experts in their field share their knowledge, visiting peer’s stalls and seeing what new and innovative tech there was on the scene.

There was a roster full of fascinating talks throughout the event. We attended one such speech from Giles Lury, of The Value Engineers. He shared lots of interesting brand stories and how simple everyday things have inspired some very well-known brands and products. One such story was that of Pritt Stick, and how this glue innovation came about because the inventor saw a lady apply her lipstick whilst they were on a plane. Innovation and inspiration can come from innocuous things we see on a daily basis. The best take home from this was ‘always be aware of what is around you, you never know where the next inspiration for your products or brand will come from’ – this is so true for us marketeers and brand owners.

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