Frequently Asked Questions

What else can Newnorth offer me?

Newnorth offer a closed loop for your printed message needs. From ‘standard’ printed collateral, through to wide format print, and digital media – such as page turning and interactive print solutions. We can help make your marketing come to life.

Why should I use Newnorth print?

Our quality is second to none – both in print and our customer service. With key account managers to look after your every need, you are in safe hands. For more information have a look at our five-star guarantee.

What turnaround time can I expect?

Our production ethos is to produce work to the client’s requirements, once a date is agreed by our team, we will ensure that your schedule is fixed and dates are met.

What is bleed?

It is a small area typically between 3-5mm around the outside of the printed area that you intend to have cut off from your final project. It should be an extension or overflow of the actual artwork. 

What is pre-press?

Our pre-press team takes care of everything that needs to happen before your job goes to print

What is the difference between CMYK and RGB?

CMYK and RGB are both ways of coding colour. CMYK refers to the colours used in the printing process (Cyan, magenta, yellow and black) the numerical values attached to them denotes the levels of each colour used in the image.

RGB on the other hand refers to levels of light and not ink. Consequently, it is not suitable for the printing process.

What is print finishing?

Print finishing is the end of the production process. Finishing can be from as simple as trimming down a sheet to a final size, to lamination, foil blocking, cutting out, tab cutting and making into a perfect bound book. 

What is print management?

Newnorth offer the complete management of your print; from creative brief through to mailing and distribution. We keep you informed and meet your deadlines, however tight they may be.

What is the difference between digital and lithographic print and how do I know which to use?

Digital print is mainly used for short runs, whereas litho print is used more for longer runs. If you are looking for personalised print pieces, then digital is best.

What does stock gsm mean?

Gsm stands for the weight of paper or stock material. This can also be thought of how thick do I want my print? Some typical numbers: 11-120gsm is the paper you have in your printer at home. 170gsm is typically used for material such as a leaflet. 350-400gsm is a standard business card weight.

What is a spot finish?

This is when a thin layer of film is laid over the top of a print to make that area shiny and stand out from the background.

What is the XMF file uploader and why should I use this?

This is our preferred file transfer system, created by Fujifilm. It is a great way of uploading files quicker and speeds up the proofing process for you
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