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The use of lithographic print has been around for centuries and is still the most commonly used process for the production of printed material. The required image is etched and processed onto a plate which then has ink (oil) and water applied to it. This image is then offset onto a rubber blanket and pressed onto the paper or board. The inks dry onto the surface of the material either by a process of oxidisation, absorption, or both – dependent on the material used.

Why use lithographic print?

Lithographic print is the preferred option for the production of medium-to-longer run projects. Once the press is up and running, it is the most effective way of producing a publication or project. By using this method, the work produced is vibrant and colourful. All the work we produce is subject to stringent ISO9001 quality checks and is managed and controlled using ISO12647/2 colour standard. Our continued investment in the latest technology ensures we are able to provide excellent lithographic print for our clients at competitive prices, each and every time.

Advantages of lithographic print

  • Cost efficient on larger projects.
  • Communicate with larger audiences.
  • Accurate reproduction of CMYK images.
  • Environmentally friendly, uses all organic materials.
  • Fast turnarounds and increased quality.
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