At Newnorth we understand the impact our work can have on this world and we take that seriously, which is why we have prioritised our dedication to minimising negative influences on the environment. Newnorth is committed to giving back to underserved communities and setting new green standards in our industry so that we can continue to conduct business and grow in a way that’s best for our clients, our team members, our communities, and our planet.

We provide innovative products and services to address the environmental challenges facing our customers. We continually focus on environmental issues to build a strong company that leaves a rich legacy on which future generations can build. In an effort to further our goals as a conscientious business, we have also embraced several initiatives throughout all levels of the organisation including:

•  Chain of Custody Certified (FSC® & PEFC)

•  Members of the Leadership Club for the EPA Green Power Partnership

•  100% Renewable Energy

•  ISO 14001 Certified

•   Print with soy based ink

•  Closed loop recycling systems for paper and chemistry

•  Our lithographic presses run low alcohol

•  All waste paper and associated waste is recycled.

Environmental Papers and inks

At Newnorth we do our best to meet your environmental requirements from implementing efficient waste management to using renewable paper.

The inks we use are vegetable based, our lithographic presses run low alcohol and all waste paper and associated waste is recycled. All waste paper and associated waste is recycled.

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